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Occupy the Future
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Publish-date-icon December 10, 2011
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Welcome to Evolver Bay Area's first Evolver Salon discussion, which took place at Occupy San Francisco on November 30th, 2011. Listen to learn how other Evolvers are participating in the Occupy movement and what you can do to Occupy the Future. We explore the idea of a civilization "operating system upgrade" - what it could look like, and what tools we have available right now.


Darrin Drda, author of The Four Global Truths - http://www.thefourglobaltruths.com/ - published by Evolver Editions

David Ulansey, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy and Religion at CIIS - http://www.well.com/user/davidu/

Doug Reil, Transition Town Albany, Associate Publisher at North Atlantic Books - http://transitionalbany.org/, http://nabcommunities.com/

More about this Spore topic, which Evolver Spores around the world gathered to take part in:

Occupy the Future

Over the last months, hundreds of thousands of people - around the US and across the world - have risen up to protest against a parasitic financial system that grotesquely rewards a tiny elite and shafts everyone else. A central question is where “the 99%” of us intend to take this burgeoning movement, which has yet to articulate a set of specific demands and objectives. But for many of those who are joining this uprising, the Occupy movement isn’t about fixing or reforming current institutions: It is about making a fundamental change in the course of civilization before it is too late to avert ecological and social collapse.

This month, 40+ Spores in the Evolver Social Movement will take the worldwide Occupy movement as our jumping off point to define the operating system upgrade that can install “civilization2.0”: What types of social and economic systems would eliminate inequity, support sustainable practices, and allow for collaborative decision-making or direct democracy? Would such a movement be only political, or would it also need to incorporate a spiritual dimension? We will also consider practical next steps for the movement, as well as methods for enlisting the remaining 1% to join the cause. Spores may host (R)evolution 101 Training, workshops on knowing your legal rights, consensus decision making, successful protest strategies, talks on the history of anarchism and socialism, media messaging, outreach methods, and more.

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